Cardiff University’s credit control safeguarding has been questioned following a fraudster being paid £170,000. The problem began when a letter received from a supplier on headed paper appeared to be from an external supplier requesting a change of bank details. Following this, the university’s credit control and financial safeguarding have been questioned with several staff involved in the process. A spokesman for the university said “A number of buy cialis organisations have been subject to the fraud suffered by the university and a UK wide ongoing police investigation is underway to which the universityis cooperating fully”. “The fraudster used a copy of a legitimate supplier’s letter headed paper in order to request a change of bank account details”.

A loss of such a sum could pose short-term problems for other areas of the university until the money is recovered, with the university having to settle an outstanding debt to the supplier. The university has stated that a number of staff would have been involved in the process of changing the bank account details; hence no individual has been held accountable. Cardiff University is the latest of a number of buy cialis organisations to fall victim to this type of scam and has since undergone an internal audit to review procedures. The audit revealed a need for improvements to security, and recommendations have been made including credit control and implementation of further safeguards if bank account details need to be changed.

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