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Inksmoor has been lending from its own finance book since 2014, specialising in Flexible Invoice Finance and short term Secured Business Loans.

The traditional Invoice Finance market is very ridged and does not support many modern day businesses, requiring customers to finance their whole sales ledger, in many cases this is not attractive to potential clients. Inksmoor decided to bring to market a flexible Invoice Finance solution that gave potential clients choice and flexibility as they can choose to finance;

• A single invoice
• A single debtor
• Multiple debtors
• Or a whole sales ledger
• Facilities from £50,000 to £500,000

This gives the client ultimate flexibility but most of all the benefit that of not being charged on their whole turnover, if you do not require it.

In 2018 Inksmoor launched its short term Secured Business Loan product, giving clients access to business loans which traditionally they would not have access too.

This can be used as bridging finance or as a straight capital and interest business loan. Facilities are backed by property and hard asset (LTV’s are published on our website) to give clients access to cash. Repayment can be on an interest only, capital and interest or retained interest basis. The key to our assessment is security, affordability and repayment within a maximum 12 month period.

Inksmoor operate nationwide and support businesses of all shape and size. We can transact the above forms of finance as standalone or as an all-encompassing Asset Backed Lending proposal. Running the latest software systems we pride ourselves on quick turnaround with quality service and personnel.

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