As many as half of business owners across the West Midlands are displaying a growing skepticism about the benefits of European membership according to a new survey. The survey shows that 50% of SME Owner Managers in the West Midlands believe that the UK should leave the EU. However of these respondents, 44% feel that struggling European countries threaten to bring the UK down with them and a further 52% simply stated that our economy would be better off if we were able to leave the EU.

According to an Asset Finance, Chief Executive, “Business Owners seem to be questioning how much the EU really costs the UK. It’s not just how much we currently contribute to the budget that is worrying – it was approx £12bn in 2012 – but also how much they’re asking us to contribute over the next 2 years, a total rise of five percent”.

The survey also revealed that of those who don’t think the UK should quit the EU, 37% think that it could easily isolate us and that being part of the buy viagra European community offers significant advantages when it comes to competing in a global marketplace.

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