The client had an invoice finance facility in place with an alternate lender but it became clear that the facility was not working for them as they desperately needed flexibility to take into account the fluctuations in their billing cycles and therefore cash requirements. We were able to discover this during our client care calls via our sister company Think Outsource.

Think Outsource has been working for this Executive Recruiter in the finance industry for a number of years providing credit control. As time went on the client also engaged with us for full back office support which included invoicing/timesheet management/creditors/bank/VAT/Payroll and management reporting.

Inksmoor have structured a fully flexible confidential invoice finance facility which has saved the client thousands in fees and given them funding that truly works for their business. Being able to help clients manage their everyday accounting liabilities and processes offers an insight, enabling us to support them further with cash flow finance cash and ultimately business growth.

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