International Credit Control

Would your company like to centralise its credit control function but can’t due to multiple overseas sites and international debtors?

Does your company export goods overseas and struggle with communication that has a direct impact on collection?

Collecting a company’s due cash in foreign countries can be extremely difficult and time consuming. There are many aspects to take into consideration when approaching collections overseas.

The most important and first on the list is of course the language. Whilst a company may be more than happy to order in your native language, when it comes to being paid often the experience is the opposite and the languor ‘barrier’ can have a catastrophic impact on a company’s cash flow.

Culture plays a large part in determining the speed of response. Certain countries statutory holidays are a great example of ones to note. Time zones are another, just because you are 9-5 your customers may not be.

Inksmoor’s international credit control will compliment your business, through native speaking credit control, bespoke working hours and a cultural understanding of the debtors. As ‘time is money’ and ‘cash is king’ outsourcing your International Credit Control may just be the cost efficiency you are looking for.

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