Invoice Finance

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance allows businesses to raise cash against their unpaid invoices. If your business has to wait to get paid, invoice finance can help you receive funds on day one of invoicing. Once goods/services have been delivered or completed, Inksmoor can advance up to 90% of the invoice value. This helps your businesses cash flow, to pay suppliers and other outgoings.

Invoice Finance with Inksmoor


– Finance full, part or single debtors
– Up to 90% of invoice value
– Confidential and disclosed
– Flexible contract periods
– Simple pricing structure
– New start and distressed businesses considered


– All of the benefits of our FLEX product
– Bespoke bookkeeping services support
– Facilities tailored to our clients’ needs

How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice your customer for the goods or services provided and assign to Inksmoor.

Inksmoor send you up to 90% of the invoice value.

We provide the credit control and chase the client on your behalf (confidential and disclosed facilities).

Customer pays Inksmoor account.

You receive the difference minus our fees.