Secured Lending is where a borrower can take a loan from a business and in return the lender will take security against an asset to protect the repayment of the loan.

If a borrower then repays the loan the security is released; If the borrower defaults the lender can seize the asset to protect the outstanding monies owed.

Inksmoor provide secured business loans on flexible terms that can be backed by the following assets;

• Property
• Land
• Plant and machinery

Terms are for a maximum of 12 months and can be on the following flexible terms;

• Interest only for the term length with bullet repayment at the end
• Capital and interest repayment
• Retained interest where the interest and capital repayment are paid at the end of the term

A businesses suitability for a loan is determined by a company’s affordability of the loan, the value of the asset and the exit strategy to repay the outstanding loan.

These flexible loans allow customers to make transactions not supported by banks or traditional lenders.

Throughout the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic Inksmoor continue to support business with this flexible loan product.

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