As the ongoing economic uncertainty continues to be intensified by Covid-19, Inksmoor remain transparent and accommodating in structuring facilities that really understand the core of the businesses we review. It is key to identify not only what a company requires from a finance partner but for the Invoice Financier to tailor funding to the company’s requirements.

Some companies have not been as lucky…

Maybe your current lender has changed their lending criteria or your business has taken a change of direction and your existing lender can’t support you moving forward. Perhaps service levels have dropped or the facility is not creating the full amount of cash it should be, due to limits or the prepayment percentage / advance rate not being maximised.

Inksmoor pride themselves on being truly flexible when it comes to cash flow. An accountant of a company within the construction sector approached Inksmoor to discuss options after a relationship breakdown with their current funder. With the business having quite a range of products, services and a varied debtor base – a simple one line facility to fit all, would have restricted cash.

Some funders offer two lines for construction clients, one for standard PO driven work and one for Applications. Inksmoor took this one step further for this prospect and structured a facility with three finance lines with varying prepayments to take into account the multiple types of invoicing and associated risk profile ,but also the varied debtor base – both quality and types of entities.
So why are Inksmoor willing to go that extra mile for their clients? Well, why not? It is a simple principle and whilst we have an exceptional level of factoring experience backed up by an experienced, pro-active team – we will always strive to maintain these core values. Our commitment, our spirit of excellence coupled with our integrity and ability to be diverse means Inksmoor can and will make a difference.

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